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Life Coach Sydney and Online:  Life Coaching For Business and Professional Success

Have you ever thought about life coaching to help you achieve in your business and profession?  Have you ever wondered if it is for you or if it is something you need?

Hi, I’m Marissa Carlos, a Life Coach based in Sydney, Australia who specialises in helping business owners and professionals achieve fulfilment and success in their business or profession.

To help you get clear on whether this is for you or if it is something you need, here are some frequently asked questions about life coaching that you may want to know about.


What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a process wherein a skilled coach helps you discover, develop and maximise your own true, unique potential and life purpose.  It includes helping you understand yourself, what drives you, what stops you from achieving what you want out of life, understand why you are not feeling fulfilled even when you seem to have what you thought you wanted.  It helps you set goals that are aligned with who you truly are and helps you achieve them.  It helps you dissolve fears, guilt and limiting belief stopping you from uncovering and living what you’d love to do in life.


What can it do for me?

It can transform you from someone who is:

unclear, unsure, just getting by, frustrated, feeling chaotic, feeling you’re not good enough, feeling you don’t have what it takes, scared, afraid of rejection, looking at the outside world for answers, looking at others to make you feel good about yourself, feeling unsuccessful, lacking confidence, lacking direction

to someone who is:

clear, certain, achieving, knowing you are someone with big things to share to the world, calm, aware and expressing fully your true talents and gifts, knowing what to do to be where you would love to be, courageous, able to embrace rejection with confidence, know how to search yourself for answers that are true for you, have inner certainty and knowing of your true brilliance.

Can life coaching help me to become more successful in my business or career?

Yes.  The primary aim of this coaching is to help you uncover, realise and express your unique gifts and life purpose that can be deeply buried in some of us so you truly do what you love and love what you do.

You will increase your self-worth, expand your awareness and influence, and acquire and develop tools and skills that will help you in the fulfilment of your dreams and vision such as:

The by-product of these is your growth, fulfilment and achievement in the areas of life that are most important to you including your career, business and relationships.

 As a business owner or a professional, it is also particularly powerful in helping you:



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I'm not clear on my direction.  Can this help me?

Yes, this coaching can certainly help you figure out what you would really love to do in life and how you can get there.


I know where I want to head but my current circumstances make it impossible for me to go for it.  How can this coaching help me?

Sometimes, we get ourselves stuck with the belief that we cannot do what we would love in life, perhaps due to financial, family or other responsibilities.  

Because we don’t want to disappoint ourselves or others and because we don’t yet know how to achieve what we would love, we make ourselves believe that what we want is impossible and we try to forget them and not work on strategies that will help us fulfil our dreams.

However, we are not put on this earth with a dream in our hearts that cannot be manifested.  When a dream is heartfelt and it is truly what we would love, there is always a way if we give ourselves the permission, realistic time frame, belief in ourselves and outside help that we need.

Personal development and transformation through life coaching can help you clarify your dreams, help you become empowered and aware of your strengths, help you learn how to communicate your dreams with others so you get supported and help you put strategies in place so you can fulfil what is in your heart.


Is it really worth going through it?


The answer to "is it worth it?" is in the results you get.

If you finally resolve issues that been bothering you for a while, if you finally understand where you are at and why you are there, if you gain clarity regarding your future direction, if you awaken to your purpose and live it, if you realise and express that brilliance that is hiding within you, if you finally have the courage, confidence and strategies to go for what you would love to do in life, if you realise where your success lies, if you learn how to have certainty and presence in your life, wouldn’t it be worth more than it costs?

How long before I see the results that I want?

The time frame for getting your results depends on what they are and of course, you.

For short-term type “goals” such as getting over a very specific fear, anger or guilt over something that is blocking you from moving forward in life, you can get your results in as little as 1 hour even if you have been holding this specific fear, anger or guilt for months or even years when we work together on a one-on-one session.

However, as you would be aware, some results are long-term goals and their achievement depend on your action and commitment to getting them.  My job is to help you clarify those long-term goals, help you create the strategic action steps to achieve them and help you identify and resolve the commitment barriers that you may have.


Free Report:  “The 5 Biggest Internal Roadblocks to Making A Living From What You Love Doing”.  Click here to access.


I feel like I need it but I’m waiting for the exact right problem and the exact right time to do it.

Perhaps the biggest issue right now is the lack of clarity?  If you feel this is stopping you from achieving in your business or profession, consider life coaching with us.  If it’s not such a big deal, then yes, perhaps you may not have a big need for coaching at this time.

I just have a general feeling of being unfulfilled but I don’t know exactly why.  Can you help me?

Yes, this coaching can help you be clear on the issues why you are unfulfilled and what you can do about it.

What if I turn out to be the person I don’t want to become?  


Personal development is not about turning you into something you don’t want to become.  It is about helping you awaken yourself to the true you and helping you awaken to your true potential and purpose.  It also helps you embrace all your different qualities and traits – you need them all!

Will it take a lot of effort to change?  Is it difficult?

It’s our perception and hierarchy of values that dictate whether we see things as difficult or easy.  Part of the process is to help you see things from a different perspective so it is no longer a roadblock for you but a fuel to move you forward.

I want to do it but I’m really busy. 

It may not be as important in your life if you do not have the time for it.  That’s not right or wrong, it’s just your values and that’s ok.


I really want to do it but I'm not sure about the cost.

Your perception of your self-worth, unrealistic expectations and your beliefs around money may be what’s keeping you in your current financial situation.  If you are ready to change the course of your life, increase your self-worth and attract more abundance in your life, strongly consider personal development and transformation through life coaching with us.

We have all spent money on other things that have given us far less value.  What is the value that will be created in your life when you are investing in your personal empowerment and the financial power that comes with it?


For our coaching packages and workshops, check out our Programs page.  



You are far more worthy, far more capable and much bigger than you think!

My inspiration is in helping others discover how far more worthy they are of their dreams that they believe, how far more capable they are of the seemingly enormous tasks ahead of them and how much bigger they are that what they thought they were.

I may be a Life Coach in Sydney, but through the wonderful powers of technology, I can communicate with you, wherever you may be.

As a ‘thank you’ for reading this page, and to share with you some insights that would help you along your journey to fulfilment and success, I have prepared a report called “The 5 Biggest Internal Roadblocks to Making A Living From What You Love Doing” plus a couple of empowering videos for you. 


These are free.  So click on the link below to get your copies.


Click here to access your Free Report:  “The 5 Biggest Internal Roadblocks to Making A Living From What You Love Doing”.


If you don’t invest in your personal growth, who will drive your business and career to success?


So go ahead and start living your dreams by accessing your free gifts.


I hope to connect with you in person in the future!


Warmest Regards,

Marissa Carlos

Life Coach

Personal Development and Transformation

Demartini Method® Facilitator


Free Report:  “The 5 Biggest Internal Roadblocks to Making A Living From What You Love Doing”.  Click here to access.


"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one."
- Elbert Hubbard